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Hotel hall
Big character minus I installed on a green facade of a building in Dublin, character,  sign, signal, white . Signal of Information Office
Glimpse of Bologna, Italy, with the medieval towers Torre degli Asinelli and the Torre Garisenda, in the ancient heart of the town
Two green clothes pegs hanging from a thread to spread the laundry to dry
Unripe pear on the tree
Vacancies and Work. Sitting on the bridge of the ferry that takes them on vacation, young tourists observe the hard work that takes place in a port
Storm in the Mediterranean Sea. Big waves crash against the rocks
Worker equipped with a flamethrower, spreads a bituminous sheath on a floor that needs waterproofing from rainwater
Panoramic belvedere on Mediterranean sea with traditional wooden fence and sailboats
Desk for check-in in Milan-Bergamo airport
Hotel hall

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